These are sets from the oblique corners of our record collections that have challenged the mood at more than one party over the years. It won't be everyone's cup of tea,  but for the bold - venture forth...


Surf n Turf A La Carte Set Menu


Blues | Surf | Biker | rock n roll | rockabilliy


The mixing is average, the source quality is frequently poor - but the tunes are batteringly good. Some of these were dragged off 30 yr old cassette tapes, suffice to say we're off the beaten track here. Nontheless this is uncompromising, big guitar work set to wild rhythms to get your knees jiggling. Season with volume and bass... JV



Eighty Days


World Dance | Hip hop | Gqom


This mix is a whistle stop tour that heads off the path well trodden to take in oddities and greatness from 'world' dance (such a derogatory term) - the bulk of it's from African countries, surely the most exciting continent in the world right now for music and most other things. It's cobbled together from all types of sources and apologies for some proper ropey mixing at points, but fortunately the tracks are all world class and nobody's perfect, except God, and he's just a rumour. I wouldn't attempt to mix Fela into such a hotchpot but some have claimed to have heard his ghost at the very end. JV


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