Port Royal raises the majority of funds directly from investors for its projects. We do this to minimise third party fees and provide a higher ROI for our investor's.


Every film Port Royal Media produces, is guaranteed worldwide distribution through our sister company Port Royal Distribution, we are one of the very few production companies outside of the studio system that provide a guaranteed route to market. However in the first instance we take films to market to sell to third party distributors.


We believe in telling diverse, important stories that appeal to established audiences – we support the British Film Institute’s three tick diversity system in all our productions, ensuring equal representation across gender, BAME and LGBTQ+ collaborators.


Our key personnel accept reduced fees from the production in return for a share of the back end profit, this helps us significantly reduce production costs and create a faster, more profitable return for our investors. Our projects are led by market demand, after many years in distribution and sales, the management team understand local and international markets and which kind of films are likely to become commercial hits.


Investment in a Port Royal film can offer generous returns with benefits stretching beyond the sales of box cinema tickets. DVD sales, video on demand, Pay Television, Subscription video on demand, free television airings and the sale of merchandise all count towards the profit a film makes and can continue to generate a profit for many years after the cinema release.


As well as high returns and a lifetime of earnings, investors may also receive a share in the UK film tax credit (up to 20% of the budget of the film). We also invite investors to join us at film festivals across the world and round table online discussions and updates on the creative, financial and commercial process on our productions.


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