Port Royal encompasses Port Royal Media, Port Royal Distribution and Port Royal Design. The companies were named after a small coastal town in Jamaica.


The companies were established between 2016 and 2018 by award winning film executive Jezz Vernon, previously Managing Director at UK Indie Metrodome Distribution and Metrodome International. He joined Metrodome in 2005 after tenures at the NME (New Musical Express) and Revolver Entertainment and has also been a board member at Film London since 2015. As well as running the Port Royal family, Jezz also lectures in distribution and sales at several film schools, including the National Film & Television School. He has produced, advised and executive produced on a range of award winning films and documentaries over the last ten years. Throughout his career Jezz has released over 500 films including Oscar and Bafta winners, and he and his teams have achieved over 20 awards for marketing, distribution, PR and design.


Port Royal regularly collaborates with other production companies as well as releasing films domestically and internationally through its sister company Port Royal Distribution. The family also includes a specialist design arm who create key art campaigns for film, graphic design and visual effects. We are an extended network of experts and artists actively engaged in all areas of the moving image across production, corporate and creative disciplines.


Port Royal engages in all areas ranging from financial structuring and creative development, through to marketing and international consumer release. We don't however raise funding for third party productions so we ask that projects have finance fully committed before reaching out to us.


We also long for the days when people would actually pay us money to turn up and play records, especially as our kids are often rude about our taste in music. So we’ve dusted off the far corners of our record collections to produce a series of mixes, which you can find in Port Royal’s Record Collection.


Contact: hello@portroyal.london



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